TAG offers a variety of combinations that make each and every character fairly unique upon creation, and as the TAG character grows, the uniqueness of each character also grows. The player must choose which Character type to be.

Classes are designed to specialize in particular skills and magic disciplines. Every class can learn every skill, but if you want to focus on casting spells do not chose to be a Barbarian, or you will spend 10 levels learning what a Mage might learn in one level. Be sure to review the cost associated with learning skills before choosing a class to play. The lower the cost of skills the more skills you can learn and the faster you can learn them. This should influence your choice of a character class to play.

Review these class descriptions of the 16 classes in TAG.

Character Class DescriptionsEdit


Warrior can be a good melee class or range class. It is one of the best classes at getting in the face of the enemy, taking damage and living to tell about it. A warrior can learn to use several weapons very quickly, can learn to use armor at low costs, and gain health points very fast.

For further details and to create a Warrior vist the Warrior Class page.


A Barbarian is a fighting machine. He is an expert in weapons and learns weapon skills faster than any other class. His ability to learn armor skills and gain health points is slower than a warrior.

For further details and to create a Barbarian visit the Barbarian Class page.


Thieves are masters of deception. While they can learn some weapon skills, they specialize in learning deception skills: stalk, hide, pick locks, etc. Their skills and temperament is to be unnoticed while they work their craft, whether that be theft or attack.

For further details and to create a Thief visit the Thief Class page.


A rogue is a cross between a thief and a warrior balancing the advantages of those two classes. They have more combat capabilities than a thief, but not as many as a warrior. They likewise can learn deception skills better than a warrior, but not as quickly as a thief. They provide a good balance.

For further details and to create a Rogue visit the Rogue Class page.



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