TAG is a robust game with many skills. Below you will find a short descriptions of the skill categories and links to page with more details of every skill in TAG. Also, you can view the costs of skills by character type on the Skills Acquisition Charts.

Weapon and Combat Skills Edit

Weapon Category skills are the base damage dealing skills in the game of TAG.  Every character type should learn some weapon skills, but characters focusing on spells may not learn Combat Specialties and Combat Skills. These skills include the following:

Weapon Category - learning to use the seven different categories of weapons types.

Combat Specialty - provides advanced combat skills allowing characters to learn stronger skills from the six Combat Specialty skill lists.

Combat Skills - general skills that enhance a character's chances to survive in combat and improve damage:

  • Guns - rifles and pistols created by Mythic Engineers.
  • Duel Wielding - using a weapon in each hand during a single round.
  • Shield Proficiency - using a shield to its fullest potential.
  • Dodge - avoid being hit by your advanced skills.
  • Armor Maneuver - reduces the penalties for wearing armor.
  • Health Points - increases your total health points through exercise and healthy eating.
  • Aggression Points - increases your total Aggression points for using Combat Specialties.

For details on how these skills work visit the Weapon Category, Combat Specialty and Combat Skills page.

Adventuring Skills Edit

Adventuring skills provide a character with the abilities he needs to thrive in a complex TAG world environment. You can play the game and never learn these skills, but there will come a day when you wish your character knew how to swim or build a fire in extreme conditions. Following is a list of Adventuring Skills available in TAG:

  • Riding - ability to ride a horse, camel, elephant, or any other animal that can be ridden. A necessary skill if you don't want to walk everywhere.
  • Swimming - unless your plan is never to fall into the water, you had better get a few levels of swimming.
  • Climbing - perhaps some characters will never try to climb, but there are some characters who will want to climb a tree, a wall, a stone faced mountain or onto the roof of a house.
  • First Aid - this skill provides the ability to heal health points and stop bleeding.
  • Foraging - in some games the GM does not strictly enforce the rules for eating, but even then foraging for a meal could be important someday.
  • Fire Starting - this skill increases the character's chances of starting a fire under under any conditions.
  • Shelter - if your lost in the wilderness, trudging across the open tundra in a snow storm, or looking into the face of a looming sandstorm and this skill could will come in handy.
  • Languageand Bartering - you may know the common language and maybe a language for your race, but beyond that if you want to learn a language you need to levels of proficiency in each language.
  • Observation - this skill provides you the increased ability to see what others may overlook: secret doors, traps, tracks, etc.

For more detailed explanation and rules of these skills visit the Adventuring Skills page.

Crafting Skills Edit


Archery Crafts


Other Skills

Deception Skills Edit




Sneak Attack

Pick Locks


Combat Trickery

Spell Discipline and Spell Skills Edit

Spell Disciplines

Spell Efficiency

Spell Points


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