Spells are the one of the key elements of TAG that makes it a unique and versatile RPG system.  There are two major realms and two minor realms of magic.  Each major realm has 4 disciplines; each of those discipline has six spell lists, and each spell list typically has 26 spells.  The minor realms have fewer but more specialized spell lists: Engineering has 7 spell lists and 26 spells each; and Bard has a large list of songs and a spell list with 26 spells. Some lists have some extra spells scattered through the lists. This gives the TAG spell system approximately 1700 spells, and a lot of spells means a lot of diversity of characters.

Spell Realms, Disciplines and Lists Edit

Mage Realm (Intelligence) Edit

Mage Realm focuses on magical powers of the elements and the power of space and time. There are four disciplines in the Mage Realm:

Alchemy Edit

Elemental Edit

Sorcery Edit

Dimension Edit

Cleric Realm (Wisdom) Edit

Cleric Realm focuses on magical powers of life forces, nature and higher spiritual powers. There are four disciplines in the Cleric Realm:

Flesh Manipulation Edit

Necromancy Edit

Wilderness Edit

Heaven's Mastery Edit

Engineering Realm (Ingenuity) Edit

Engineering Realm focuses on magical powers of mental cleverness and ingenuity with a focus on the creative nature of combining craftsmanship and magical powers. There are three realms that are each specific to one of the three types of Mythic Engineers and one general Engineering Discipline:

Warmonger Edit

Hooligan Edit

Wizard Edit

General Engineering Edit

Caution: Engineering is a more complex character type to play. Make certain you are willing to invest the extra time to learn and play a Mythic Engineer before you create one.

Bard Realm (Countenance) Edit

Bard Realm has two spell lists. One is structured as a typical spells list and then there is a list of songs that is a unique type of spell list.

Bard's Songs Edit

Bard's Spells Edit

Summary Edit

All of those spells combined with the non-spell skills a character can learn makes for a very robust Role Playing experience.  An individual player will likely never tap into the nearly endless possibilities and combinations for creating a character.  TAG is the Mother of All Role Playing Games – (MARP game).

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