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Traditional Adventure Game (TAG) is a Role Playing Game (RPG) with a rich assortment of skills and character customization options. No two characters ever have to be the same with over 1700 skills and spells available.

This site presents the rules for TAG to be used for the enjoyment of people everywhere.

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TAG is a RPG where the player creates a character with attributes and skills and interacts in a world created in the mind of the game master (GM). The GM controls the world, creates situations in which the players react and controls the flow of game play. This is not a game where the GM verses the players. It is a game where the GM’s enjoyment comes from creating the world and controlling the events in the world that the players interact with and where the players experience adventures wherein they slay monsters, solve puzzles, complete quests and collect treasure and magical items.

TAG Wikia Quick ContentEdit

Race Descriptions: A list of the races in the TAG system, descriptions and attributes. Edit

Character Classes: Descriptions of the Character Classes in the TAG system.Edit

Skills Descriptions: Descriptions of the skills in the TAG system.Edit

Skill Acquisition Charts: Quick access to the Skills Acquisition costs for each class. Edit

Character Creation Steps: Steps to follow for creating a new character.Edit

Spell Realms and Disciplines: Outlines the realms, disciplines and spell lists.Edit

Spell Casting Rules: Rules for using spells in the TAG system. Edit

Combat Specialty List and Rules: Combat Specialty lists and rules. Edit

Combat Rules and Charts: Attack Charts, Critical Damage Charts, weapons charts and combat rules Edit

Formula Quick Reference: All of the most common formulas used in game play in one quick reference table Edit

Game Masters: Information important for the Game Master Edit

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