Warrior DescriptionEdit

Warrior can be a good melee class or range class. It is one of the best classes at getting in the face of the enemy, taking damage and living to tell about it. A warrior can learn to use several weapons very quickly, can learn to use armor at low costs, and gain health points very fast.


• Very good defensive skills

• Good offensive skills with a lot of versatility

• Good range or melee attack skills

• Can learn to use armor quickly

• Can gain health points better than any other class


• Takes a long time to learn magic skills

Primary StatsEdit

• Strength - if your warrior wants to specialize in melee damage, strength will improve his chance to hit with melee and thrown weapons;

• Agility - if you want your warrior to specialize in defenses and ranged attacks use agility, but agility will still benefit the melee chance to hit as well.

• Endurance - if you want your warrior to have large amounts of health, increase your endurance when you can.

Class BonusesEdit

Warriors gain +12 health points per Health Point skill level, unlike other classes that receive +10 for each Health Point Skill level.

Warriors gain +1 per character level attack bonus with all weapon attacks.

Warrior Health PointsEdit

Health Points represent how many points of damage a character can take before being rendered unconscious due to bodily physical trauma. Your character's endurance plays a large role in determining how much health, or Hit Points, you have.

Warriors use the following formula for calculating their health points: Endurance + (Endurance State Bonus x character level) + (Hit Point skill level x 12).

The Endurance Stat Bonus is found on the Stat Bonus Chart. Find the Endurance score on the Stat Bonus Chart under the Stats column and the number to the right in the Bonus column is the stat bonus for endurance. You will use this chart for determining the stat bonus of all stats in the game.

Warrior class Health Point formulaEdit

Endurance+ (Endurance State Bonus x character level) + (Hit Point skill level x 12)

Non-Warrior class Hit Point formula: Endurance+ (Endurance State Bonus x character level) + (Hit Point skill level x 10)

Create a Warrior Edit

You can create a Warrior by following the steps on the Character Creation page.

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